Allen Solly’s TVC reused as a digital video asset – can it be made to ‘work’ harder?

Allen Solly Woman’s new campaign called #OwnYourShape was launched on August 23rd. I looked at the URL click numbers through the bitly link they had added across multiple platforms, particularly on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, the 3 major platforms.

Here are the views to click comparison, till 31st August.

Facebook: 937,000 views | 1,341 clicks
YouTube: 3,547,778 views | 74 clicks
Instagram: 653,000 views | 1,155 clicks

While Facebook and Instagram seem similar, what explains the abysmal YouTube ratio? YouTube has 3.5 million views! But, 2 comments and 74 clicks! Is this because most people have viewed it as a pre-roll (promoted), without the ability to see the description where the link has been added? There has to be a better way to utilize all those views, no? In-video link, perhaps, as a closure/call-to-action?

Now, I clearly understand that what Allen Solly has, as video inventory, is a TV commercial, and not a digital-first video asset that is geared to generate clicks on the store page. Even then, to see a 7-digital view vs. a 2-digit click is pretty awkward. Some small changes in the TVC, like adding a last scene (card) that asks people to click on the link in the description, or having an annotated link in the video itself could perhaps help them gain more clicks, and hence a better indicator of the digital paid push’s impact.

The point is… when you are spending money promoting anything, why assume the metrics of one medium (TV) to be same for another (digital)? Why not make some small, extra effort to cater to the other medium’s audiences better and think of the CTA as being unique to that medium?

In any case, for Allen Solly, this is a step forward! If you notice my earlier post on their jeans range, they didn’t even have a store link in the YouTube description (see the YouTube screenshot in my post. They added it later, possibly after reading my post, though I wouldn’t give my blog post that much credit at all).