A YouTube hack with interactive marketing potential

I have always wondered how it would be to be a DJ 🙂 Particularly when I see a DJ at a turntable in a pub/restaurant.

In that context, this is an interesting idea by BBDO New York, for their client Bacardi. The crux is using a feature on YouTube that not many people know – while playing a YouTube video in your desktop/laptop if you press 1, the video advances to 10%. Press 2 and video advances to 20% and so on.

With that, BBDO took sounds from Major Lazer and Brazilian singer Anitta’s hit single “Make It Hot”, and presented it within the hack they were utilizing, on YouTube. So, you can press the numbers to literally play DJ with the numbers 🙂 Clever!

This is not BBDO and Bacardi’s first hack, though! They had hacked Instagram Stories for the same goal, in 2016 – to let people play DJ. Equally clever!

Now, this YouTube hack is ingenious and can be used creatively for other brands and concepts too! For example,

Concept 1: Ideal for city administrators – Show interactively the effect of pollution – video showing moving traffic, time of day and number of vehicles. Press 1, and pollution increases to X, press 2 it increases even more and so on.

Concept 2: Ideal for Greenpeace – Show interactively the effect of deforestation – a tranquil video of a forest and you control the degradation by pressing the numbers!

Concept 3: Ideal for an anti-smoking campaign – Show interactively the effect of smoking on your lungs – show a normal lung and the number of cigarettes on the side. Press the numbers to see the effect of an increasing number of cigarettes.

Concept 4: Ideal for skincare brands – Show interactively the effect of pollution and sun on the skin/face, if they don’t use a particular product. Press number to see the degrading effect on skin/face.

Concept 5: Ideal for real-estate brands – Show interactively the progress of a real estate project. Over a longer video (time-lapse), pressing 1 shows month 1’s update, press 2 for seeing month 2’s update and so on.

Concept 6: Idea for insurance and investment brands – Over a longer time-lapse video, show interactively the amount of money needed at each stage in a child’s life. 1 could be age 5, 2 could be age 10, 3 could be age 15 and so on. For insurance, it could start with a certain age showcase medical expenses at increasing intervals after that point, with each press.

Clearly, a lot of potential, as I see it! The only requirement is to script the video in such a way that each point (10%, 20%, 30% etc.) and plays a specific point in the progress and gives the illusion of interactivity.