Connecting Thomson (travel brand), Sentosa Singapore and Cinemark Argentina

Ideas are just ideas. Across time and interpretation. Or is it?

Thomson, the TUI Travel-owned travel brand, famously launched its Simon The Ogre ad film back in December 2013. The film was conceived by the agency BMB (Beattie McGuinness Bungay).

Watch the film here (and let me avoid spoilers).

This year, there were 2 films that sell a similar product and use a very similar narrative.

The first one was for Sentosa and created by BBH Singapore, June 2019.

Watch the film:

The second one was for Cinemark, created by Geometry, Argentina, in July 2019.

Watch the film:

Now that you have seen all 3 films, aren’t the common points amazing?

All 3 films showcase a before and after state because the humans in question did not take a break (to do what the brand is selling).

All 3 films depict an unreal state, either fantasy or science fiction, as a starting point!

In all 3 films, that unreal state is used to hammer the point that if you don’t take a break and indulge in what the brand is selling, you’d lose yourself to that bizarre state!

Very interesting.