Did you have a nourishing bath with kanaka taila today? I did!

Long before Patanjali went ballistic on all other brands operating out of India for not using Indian ingredients, there were quite a few brands that were ‘Indian’ even as per Patanjali’s definition and were producing really good products with Indian ingredients. Dabur and Vicco, for example.

On the soap front, I have tried all of Patanjali’s soaps and they pale in comparison with say Medimix and Chandrika. I’m quite a fan of Chandrika and I keep going to it when I’m bored with Cinthol Red.

On the ayurvedic soap category, I have tried the new variants from MNCs like Unilever but they really don’t appeal to me. I have also tried Himalaya’s soap range but they barely excite me. In fact, I’ve been closely tracking Himalaya right from the year 1999 when I joined my first job in Delhi, and my cousin brother was working with a PR firm that used to service Himalaya as a client. It used to have an old-lady/grandma as the brand ambassador at that time… and they have evolved significantly from that point onwards.

So, to see Himalaya produce a pure ayurvedic soap that can truly compete with the Medimix and Chandrikas of India is heartening.

Himalaya’s Clear Skin Ayurvedic Soap is a fantastic new addition to their range, and to the ayurvedic soap range in India. It’s good to see them sticking to the Grade 1 category, with 78% TFM, something that I have noticed only in Cinthol Red (which is 79% TFM).

The ingredients are all completely Indian and based on Ayurveda, and the base itself is vegetable oil, like Cinthol Red. This one smells great and feels good after a bath!

BTW, this was an impulsive buy, thanks to the really enticing packaging! I had no clue about this new product and happened to stumble on it at the MK Ahmed store near my place.

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