Would you listen to ICICI Direct’s podcast on SIP?

As someone not actively interested in the stock market, I usually delete all email from ICICI Direct.

This one caught my eye because of the word ‘podcast’! Full marks for using the latest buzzword in the email – it worked on me 🙂

I clicked on the link and it started playing smoothly (though it did not play on the mobile, for some reason – try your luck).

Unfortunately, a lady straight out of Doordarshan’s Krishi Darshan started speaking and announced that we are welcome to ICICI Direct’s Investor Conference Call! Krishi Darshan lady asked questions and an ICICI Direct VP started answering her. And the discussion was extremely bland and boring.

I guess someone at ICICI Direct’s marketing team decided to use an already available audio content and package it as podcast. This is very similar to the social media team using one photo + 3 lines of content + a URL as the default ‘content’ across all platforms, including Instagram where URLs are not clickable.

I’d have loved to see them researching on famous podcasts and learn about some of the form and tone of production, besides investing in the most important part of content production – scripting. A podcast could be just someone rambling, but unless that rambler is very popular already, or is rambling on a really interesting topic, it wouldn’t get an audience.

If you are a brand and if you want to engage an audience, you need to ‘produce’ a podcast. This means you need to invest in a script writer who will ask basic questions like who is the audience, what should we assume is their level of interest in investing in the stock market, where do we want them to listen to this podcast – in the car or during post office hours at their home and so on, and work on content accordingly.

Then, that script needs to be produced, just like how video is produced. It could include sound effects and they could find someone who is both knowledgeable and has a great voice within their organization and not necessarily a person with a VP designation because outside the organizational hierarchy, a VP doesn’t mean anything to anybody.

Full marks for trying, though. I felt bad that it ended up so boring. Audio is truly happening, I suppose.