A personal assistant that asks questions!

This is extremely interesting and counter-intuitive. Cat food brand Whiskas has come up with a personal assistant called Mia that is 3D-printed, is equipped with a motion sensor that senses when humans are nearby, and starts a conversation, asking questions about a whole variety of topics that kids will find interesting and offering multiple-choice answers!

Yes, ask questions instead of answering them! Why? Because cats are curious!

But yes, existing personal assistants like Alexa or Google can easily include this (asking questions) as a feature that can be invoked on demand.

Still, full marks for trying something different, even if it sounds like a gimmick (credit to AlmapBBDO that developed the idea for Whiskas). The idea turns on its head the notion that personal assistants should only be used for one kind of tasks (to answer us, or take commands) and use it in a way that fits the brand’s narrative (a brand that sells food meant for a species known for its legendary curiosity!) while still remaining contextually useful!