A L-O-N-G writing pen and a very creative idea

I really loved this campaign for BIC pens, by VMLY&R, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I recall Flair using the ‘longest writing pens’ plank to talk about how long the pen lasts, using ‘Writes upto 10,000 meters’ as a context for us to understand the length easily.

This BIC campaign goes 2 steps forward – not only do they contextualize the length in kilometers (easier to visualize, and chart the path… than in meters which is generally used to denote shorter lengths. With kilometer, we could picture it on a top-angle or birds eye view and then go, ‘So long?’ in our minds!) but they also mark that length on a map, using landmarks drawn with the pen!!

They have thought BIG, by using a larger marker of ‘distance’ instead of ‘length’ even for a pen (even if 10,000 meters is actually longer, at 10kms). This is good old framing – when you use markers that are usually used for shorter lengths (like centimeter, meter etc.) that narrows our thinking too since we cannot imagine a lot of that without contorting our thinking. When they use a longer marker of distance like kilometer or mile, our thinking automatically goes bigger, impressing the length better in our minds.

I identified Toronto’s CN Tower in the first creative. The 2nd landmark, 2.5 kms away from it could be University of Toronto’s St. George campus, I guess, which is about 2.5 kms away.

The 2nd creative seems easier – Eiffel Tower to Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. About 2.5 kms away, again!

The 3rd one is, of course the Big Ben, in London, though I couldn’t not identify the 2nd landmark, 2.5 kms away from it.

This is such a fluid, accessible and highly adaptable idea!