Mobile-first ad, brilliantly executed by Centrum!

A recent Chinese advertisement by a multivitamin brand split the audience in China, and outside.

It starred Loki… aka Tom Hiddleston!

Outside China, this ad was adequately ridiculed and the most common reaction was ‘creepy’. Here are some of the ‘creepy’ reactions from people who are not the target audience for this ad.

In China however, the ad was loved by the target audience! I don’t understand the creeped out reactions, honestly, even if I’m not the target audience for this ad. But beyond such reactions, there is something very unique about this ad.

It’s the perspective of the ad that’s fascinating. It’s filmed from the perspective of a woman who sees what’s going on in front of her. This is the first interesting twist.

The second is that this is a vertical video! And that makes the first-person perspective even more impactful. It’s almost like I am watching it unfold in front of me through my phone!

The third aspect is the fact that this was not advertised on TV, where the vertical mode or the first-person narrative will simply fall flat.

This was shared by Tom Hiddleston, on his Sina Weibo account (Twitter-equivalent)! So, a target-audience woman stumbles on it from Tom’s personal handle on Weibo, clicks on it and sees Tom acting in a way she wants, right in front of her, for her!

This is a brilliant narrative that it is mobile-first to the core, from thought to execution! Very smartly done!