Narendra Modi and Tea

The connecting link to all these tweets: Tea!

Note that I have not taken the tweets from others/other news sources that report Modi’s speeches or quips. These are all his own tweets, from the 2 handles he owns (not even the PMO handle on Twitter, which could be owned by a team).

This is a textbook example of how to frame a narrative and stick to it – a model for corporate leaders too. The consistency is astonishing.

And the fact that it was used with high intensity before the 2014 election, not used in 2015, sparsely in 2016, 2017 and 2018. And now, it has been gradually resurrected, for the 2019 election.

To be sure, there were other leaders in India who rose from abject poverty too (Lal Bahadur Shastri, Manmohan Singh and so on). But, what Modi does is use that story to build his narrative as an underdog. One way to look at it, is ‘He is using his poverty to seek attention’. Sure. Another way, ‘He knows what works with his target audience. And uses it in a powerful, consistent way to get his task done’. Wrong or right is a subjective, moral debate.

This is a lesson in communications, if you park aside your political orientation (which is a different topic altogether; not the focus of this post at all). How long will it work, is another different topic of discussion too.