Honor’s regional language advertising on Twitter – kudos & problems

I’m really glad to see Honor India exploring regional language advertising on Twitter. All these are promoted tweets, incidentally. I have added some user feedback too, about the effort, under some of the tweets.

This is good attempt, though I do wonder which agency they are working for the regional language content/translation. At least in Tamil (that I can see and understand), it looks horribly mangled (font problem?) in the visual, though the text seems alright. Others have pointed out translation and language errors too.

That’s the risk in regional language advertising – it needs to be done with diligence and a LOT of humility, because you need to seek the help of the right people who know the language (and not trust Google Translate or free internet services). Else, it can go awry.

The other thing that seems to have gone slightly awry is the targeting in the promoted push. It doesn’t seem to be based on geography but based on Twitter users’ preferences, interactions, language associations/mentions.

This I do understand – the science of targeting sharply on language, in a complex country like India is going to be difficult. If you use geography as criteria, you cannot account for out cosmopolitan metros where most people are likely to know more than one language. Twitter, by nature, has very limited language related information about users and can only make guesses about their mother tongue based on assorted signs from their tweets.

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