You would have seen me crying hoarse about regional language representation in Indian advertising that is conceived out of Mumbai or Delhi for the rest of India. Here are some past skirmishes.

1. Tinda’s ‘Uber Eats moment’
2. ET Money’s 6-language same-day campaign
3. ET Money goes for 7 languages, but the quality of copy also goes for a toss!
4. Kya re Honda… setting-aah?
5. [Mauled In Translation] Coke’s Diwali ad featuring Warli art
6. [Mauled In Translation] Vanish fabric stain remover, starring Sridevi

Given this history, I’m *SO* glad that a South-based agency is pitching itself offering services to other *national* agencies to help them ‘Southify‘ their communication with the right context! This intro film from Mind Your Language, a creative shop specializing in advertising for the South India market, is so well-pitched, ironically using Tamil actor “Delhi Ganesh” speaking broken Hindi, to hilariously great effect! 

I really wish them well and hope they are able to bring about a change of thinking in the larger, national agencies.