A brilliant idea to add another compelling metric to marathons!

This is such a simple idea that anyone would go, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’. That’s the hallmark of great ideas anyway.

Marathons are dime a dozen these days – our Facebook feeds are full of people biting their medals; deservedly so. So, how to get enthuse better participation, if you are an organizer?

This idea, by the Prague office the agency Geometry, is remarkably simple and effective! All they have done is add another feature to the RFID tags already provided to each runner – to not just track time, but also track how many other unique RFID tags they overtook! That adds a neat additional metric that you can work towards. You, as a runner, may already be working towards a primary metric – run time. But now you know that you’d add to the counter each time you overtake someone!

Brilliant idea that can be so easily adopted in any of the marathons that happen in India.