What if Chandragupta Maurya took over your smartphone? And perhaps also chatted with Chanakya?

A nifty idea by the Swiss agency Jung Von Matt/Limmat, for client Samsung. They created a smartphone app which has biographical information about well-known historical figures from school students’ history books. But, instead of just presenting that information the way they are, in history books, it was offered through the app in a very smartphone’ish interface – the entire phone into that historical figure’s phone!

So, Frida Kahlo’s phone or Marco Polo’s phone… where students read interactive chats of those personalities (all simulated, of course), scroll through their photo galleries, get to know their music playlists from that era… and more! The simulations are what makes this idea truly interesting since it makes those historical figures come alive!

To bring the educational element, students have to answer 10 questions about the personality and open the secret app with special content.

Smart idea that could work very well for India too, if Samsung considers a local equivalent. The simulations may, no doubt, cause an outrage, no matter how intelligently they are done, considering how touchy we are about our historical figures.