Huawei vs. Cathay Pacific

News no. 1:

News no. 2:

What a contrast!

The Cathay Pacific blunder is attributed to a glitch (I’m assuming it is not a human error), while the Huawei tweet was human error (though a very common error; blunder nonetheless).

I don’t know what went inside Cathay Pacific, for the team that was responsible for the glitch (if at all such a responsibility can be isolated or pointed), but despite the heavy monetary loss, at least from the public perception, they seem to have done well.

In contrast, Huawei gets a hit on its reputation twice – once when the tweet went through an iPhone and the second time when it came down heavily (since it has now been reported) on the employees who were responsible for the agency (Sapient).

I do wonder – was there a better way Huawei could have come out of their minor reputational crisis (relatively minor compared to the monetary hit for Cathay Pacific, and given the fact that many other non-iOS phone brands have fallen for the same error)?