A warm Badhaai Ho to Godrej’s personal locker!

If you ask me to name my favorite Hindi film of 2018, I’d name Badhaai Ho very easily. At least in the top 5, along with AndhaDhun.

But, beyond enjoying the film thoroughly, there was something else that I really wanted to write about the film. That’s the Godrej integration in the film (among others that I don’t have a point of view about, like Maanyavar, Fortis or Pregakem).

Godrej happens to be more tightly integrated into the film unlike others (Pregakem too, you could argue, given the central plot of the film!) because Ayushmann and Sanya Malhotra work at/for Godrej, in the film! They seem to be in the brand’s marketing department, particularly the security products.

Given this background, one throwaway scene that lasts only a few seconds interested me enormously.

In the scene, a distraught Ayushmann starts to leave office and opens a small, desktop personal safety locker (made by Godrej, of course) that is on his work desk, takes his car keys from it… and the scene changes.

That product is Godrej Goldilocks!

It’s an interesting enough product, and evokes a lot more interesting questions given its use in the film.

The product is used in an office cubicle in the film. You can argue that as employees of Godrej (as per the script), they have been given this product for their own use. That’s a fair argument.

But, beyond that possibility, most of the product’s use, based on Amazon reviews and the brand’s own films/ads, seems to be at the home, not at the office. To be fair, Godrej has not called out the use-case location of this product explicitly in their website or in Amazon product description. It is only implied as home, in the product videos. And understood, by users, in Amazon reviews.

In most cases, people usually have a work desk and a lock-key shelf/drawer for such purposes (of storing keys, wallets etc.). The need for a personal locker, that too, one that is possibly owned by the employee and is portable, seems fairly rare as a use-case.

I wonder if Godrej considered this incongruity in use-case while showcasing the Goldilocks to be used by Ayushmann in the office.

In comparison, for instance, if Gajraj Rao, Ayushmann’s father, used the Goldilocks (gifted to him by his son in the film, Ayushmann – highly plausible) at home to store condoms (because that is a product, more than money or other precious items in that household, is worth hiding, at least as per script), that could have come out as a more aligned use-case based on what Godrej itself has been saying about the product. That also ties back to another scene where the second son is searching for condom under the bed.

Or, the other possibility – tie the movie as an occasion to showcase an in-office use-case for the product. On what people in an open office (very common these days in start-ups) can keep in this personal safe – private USB drives, car keys, personal mobile phone etc. Even better, let Ayushmann Khurana be the model to showcase this use-case!