Top 10 posts of 2018

Here are the most read posts on my blog this year, according to Google Analytics.

10. McDonald’s Instagram menu is an excellent phygital idea executed well

This is ‘Oh, what an idea!!’ level!

09. Co-optex has a brilliant, purposeful idea worth emulating!

A superb idea that accentuates the value and identity of local weavers.

08. OnePlus’s collaboration with José Covaco is an edgy, bold move

José’s content is genuinely different and on-brand, his brand!

07. The winner of the Indian online pharma category, as of now, is A R Rahman

06. Autumn Worldwide’s work for Samsonite India on #KeralaIsOpen and the irony about agency’s brand reputation

This is a bane of many agencies, though, not just Autumn.

05. Would you sign this deal? Would you press the button?

When I met a fairly senior person from the industry at Delhi’s T3 and she asked me this question.

04. Prithvi Shaw’s 100 and the 1 Crore each from Freecharge and Swiggy

Will the digital marketing industry take note and restrict this very common content tactic whenever a new celebrity arrives in the scene?

03. 9 observations on Closeup’s new, bold #FreeToLove campaign

A well-intended, timely campaign, but a few pertinent questions as well.

02. 8 observations from 8 months of getting off the full-time employment grid

Some learnings and observations from the best decision I have made in 2018.

01. The Zoho domain mess

“Last night, I noticed an unusual tweet from Sridhar Vembu, CEO of one of the most celebrated SAAS companies from India, Zoho”