When Fevicol played Santa Claus to my daughter!

A few days ago, my daughter had given me and wife a Christmas presents wish list. Both my son and daughter do this every year. One item in the daughter’s list was interesting, though we know why – she has always been interested in DIY crafts and loves all kinds of adhesives – glue stick, gum, Fevicol etc. We buy glue stick very often, much to the bewilderment and amusement of the small, nearby stationery shop’s owner 🙂

So, her list included one thing she needed immediately because she had run out of her supply – ‘1 big Fevicol’! I found it amusing and had shared it on Twitter/Facebook.

The good folks at Fevicol (Pidilite) noticed it, reached out to me and this arrived this morning, much to her surprise! The big box full of goodies not only gave her a lot of Fevicol, but also DIY snowman, DIY bird-house, DIY dream catcher, Make Your Own Slime kit and so on! It was all put together so tastefully, in a bright red box, gift-wrapped beautifully!

My daughter looked at it all and screamed in joy, ‘Best Christmas ever!’ 🙂

Good, timely use of social media listening! Also, I had no idea Fevicol had all these products beyond the famous glue!