The atta that brings out the goodness in people?

I understand this advertisement is from early 2016. I completely missed it when it was released. The agency behind this effort is Grey

Ironically, I haven’t even heard about this brand of atta till I stumbled on this ad recently! Could be a function of geo-specific focus within India and media spend allocation.

The one thing that really stood out for me in this ad is the route it takes far, far away from conventional atta ads. Most atta ads focus on a family unit – a family; a wife and kids; a wife with husband and kids and so on. This one goes wide open and includes a lot of people, not just the supposed-person in a home who uses the atta to produce food.

Once it opens the canvas, it brings in a very nice ‘giving’ angle within that framework. I did wonder initially (since I didn’t know brand behind the ad when I watched it first time) why everyone is bent on having only roti or food items made out of roti (like rolls). But it made sense when the brand was shown in the end. Even otherwise, the product fit was very seamless and natural – did not seem forced at all.

The context of sharing – between a superior and subordinates, the people waiting in a queue, a mother, her son, and the other child, the office colleagues… the ad looks at everyone with empathy and believes in our inherent goodness as humans and doesn’t portray anyone as being obviously or intentionally bad. Is it too idealistic? Sure. Does it make you want to be good? Absolutely.

Simple, but good script. Excellent thought that elevates the standard atta ad template.