Did you have a shower this morning?

This film, made by Ogilvy India, for client Hindustan Unilever, literally made me tear up. I could sense what they were getting at but definitely did not anticipate the denouement. That was mighty impactful!

I had to wrestle with minor logical inconsistencies like the fact that if there can be a shower in that barren and remote a location, and water flows from it too, then there should be a pipe that connects water for the shower. The same pipe could help that village with water, in the form a simple tap. But I completely understand the magical realism like set-up of the shower in the middle of nowhere, almost like a Wes Anderson film scene.

The most impactful part, something I did anticipate, was the villagers doing everything other than having a shower, with the shower. The value of water, that we city dwellers take for granted, comes across so starkly in those scenes.

As for the denouement – it hits you like a hammer. I can proudly and confidently say that I do not use the shower. Stopped using it long ago (and use it only when I’m traveling and staying in hotels, which usually do not have buckets and mugs) and have been using the bucket-mug combo ever since. This is a conscious decision taken to avoid wasting water unconsciously and callously.

This is wonderful creativity – take a bow, HUL & Ogilvy India!