A charming advertisement – could you guess what it is for?

Let me not mention the client/brand behind this advertisement. When I saw it first, I did not know the brand and 3/4ths into the ad, a thought came to my mind… and as I started wondering about that, the ad ended perfectly, building on that precise thought!

Watch the ad!

You don’t really need to know Malayalam to understand what the voice-over says in the end – you could use what I observed (which you too may have observed — “But, could he really see her answer sheet from that distance, at his age?“) and the brand that is mentioned in the end, and connect the dots.

The ad, by the agency ‘Nav Media’ and production house, ‘inquiLabz’ is very charming with a lovely, native feel and approach.

The music, by composer Mujeeb Majeed, is noteworthy too. Since I track film music across India, across multiple languages, I recommend Mujeeb’s fantastic songs from the Malayalam film Mandharam, from earlier this year.

One could briefly argue about the lead’s act in the film, on what he does being wrong. But, in the overall scheme of things, and in the effort to use simple and heartwarming humor, I’d give that a pass.

Interestingly, the script also indirectly highlights another famous fact about Kerala – the state’s very high literacy rate and adult education!