A smart idea from Audi, to simulate electric vehicle’s benefits in your petrol vehicle!

Having written a LOT of electric vehicles in the recent past, and having taken very tentative steps in considering selling my car and buying an electric car (and dropping that idea owing a lot of constraints I stumbled upon in the process), I used to think – how to convince people to switch to an electric vehicle?

There are so many impediments and questions in a potential buyer’s mind:
1. What is the total cost of ownership going to be, fossil fuel vehicle vs. electric vehicle?
2. How good is the charging ecosystem?
3. What if my car’s charge runs out when I’m out?
4. Are there adequate charging points in Bengaluru at all?
5. How often do I need to change batteries?

I’m sure you have many questions too.

These are very, very early days of electric vehicles and with only one known car brand in India (Mahindra E2O, formerly called Reva) and many other brands merely threatening to launch, you may conveniently push that thought to the background for now.

But, this mobile app (Android | iOS) from Audi is a compelling concept to keep that thought relevant and topical! It’s a simple, brilliant idea that simulates the experience of driving an electric car… in your existing petrol/diesel vehicle! It’s a neat gimmick, no doubt, but one that retains the impact of the switch in your mind constantly.

What would be truly awesome is if Google Maps (or a Maps app that we use more often, more frequently) incorporating the features of this app and lets users (who opt-in) see these data points on a frequent basis.

If you haven’t read about it yet, Google Maps has tied up with a few charging station brands around the world and already shows charging stations nearby, in your route! That is within Google Maps’ domain anyway and this is good work. What would make it even better is to add this Audi app’s features (that go way beyond just showing you nearby charging stations) and make it a persistent thought in users’ minds!

The app idea is by the Belgian agency, Prophets.