Intel’s AI campaign is a smart, contextual puzzle you can enjoy solving

I found this piece of news in The Times of India, Bangalore edition on November 26th.

Having worked extensively on IBM’s AI-related mandate during my time at Ogilvy, I’m reasonably clued into the world of AI and its updates. Besides IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are making a lot of news in the world of consumer-end AI. So, this new campaign by Intel, of all the brands, comes as a surprise since they too talk of (Intel-powered) AI.

This is an outdoor advertisement created by TBWA/Chiat/Day, with the concept and art direction by MyTran Dang and illustrated by Eric Nyquist. The interesting part is that they use a familiar internet viral-style visual in each of the 5 creatives – one where you are asked to spot the anomaly. The most famous one that I recall was called “Find the Panda!” (see this!) The idea is a rather simplistic way to explain AI’s work, but effective nonetheless for the folks on the street as a quick explanation.

The creative team has taken their task very seriously, though. So, while this campaign does tell the AI story (that AI can find X in a sea of very similar candidates faster than humans, thereby not replacing humans but assisting humans with an appropriate course of action fast) they have also ensured that this plays well as a puzzle too. So you can find the one anomaly if you observe these visuals close enough – the easiest will be in the one on crop infestation. The other 4 may require some more time, depending on your observation skills. Enjoy the hunt and comment below if you have found all 5 🙂

(Please click on each picture for the full version)

The way the creatives have been used is very innovative too, in forms of media where one could stand and observe (I believe they were also featured in Wall Street Journal).