I have had glue stick rolling on my work desk and falling down.
I have lost the glue stick’s cap.
I have smudged it while trying to cover a rounded corner of an envelope.
I *always* get at least a drop of instant glue on my fingers.
The instant glue’s cap almost always sticks to the tube.
I always manage to get more of the instant glue on the surface which needs it.
The tape dispenser’s blade doesn’t cut the tape smoothly many times.
I usually need both hands to hold the tape dispenser – the smaller ones at least.

I’m just glad someone gave these #firstworldproblems a thought.

Japanese design company Nendo has rethought and redesigned adhesive-related products for the stationery company Kokuyo.

Here’s Nendo’s story:

I love the level of detailing that has gone into the redesign!

The glue stick has a square shape, not just for fun, but to ensure it smoothly reaches corners! And to ensure that it doesn’t roll down desks! And the cap goes behind the stick when in use, so you don’t lose it.

The instant glue container is a delight to even look at! Precise and measured drops per use. Doesn’t dry up. Cap doesn’t stick to the container. The whole thing stands on its own and doesn’t need to lie down to let the glue get out when not in use.

And that tape dispenser!

And also those videos! Slick, to-the-point and impeccably produced!

Design sense is a beautiful talent. Watching good design in action is a high!