Can a calendar can change your life?

Do you have (at least) one good habit that you do *every single day*? No, not the involuntary ‘brushing-the-teeth’ variety, but a good habit that consciously do every day? Or, want to do every day?

Mine is running 5 kms every single day, weekend or weekday. It’s on the treadmill, takes me about 35-42 minutes depending on the speed, inclination, mix of jog/run/walk, but I make it a point to do this every single day. Have been doing for over 6 years now. There have been days I have missed running due to various reasons – work-related travel, illness etc. But I have managed to stick to this as a daily habit steadily.

It was difficult to maintain the flow every day, initially, but now, I crave for this. It’s what one can call the ‘runner’s high’ and the body misses that pleasant high (gained from a legitimate, good source internally) even if you miss for a day.

But how do you motivate yourself to do this every day? It’s definitely not easy.

I came across this Kickstarter project called ‘The Every Day Calendar‘, dubbed “A personal gold star system for your habits”.

It’s alarmingly simple and involves 2 things – one, picking a singular daily habit to do every day and two, having a system to mark every day when you have completed that singular task, whatever it is. The Kickstarter project is a tech-enabled solution using circuits. Simple and very elegant in its focus.

It reminded me of the famous, non-tech ‘Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret‘. Both involve marking a calendar in a big, bold way, every day, to not break the chain!

It’s a powerful everyday motivator, whether you choose a tech-enabled version or a paper calendar. Try it!