From jingle to a song, as a campaign extension

Update from the Bose film’s director, Sizil Srivastava:
Song title: “What I am all about”
Composer: Clinton Cerejo
Singer: Anushka Manchanda
Lyrics: Shagun Trisal


I *really* liked this recent ad by Bose.

What caught my attention in this ad is the music. Having searched enough to find who the artist is (composer, singer), I figured that Bose may have commissioned an artist exclusively for this ad and this is not an already-existing song!

Recall my post from Friday where I had mentioned the spread of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk’s ‘Kiss Me’ song and the fact that they had spun it off as a single (by Armaan Malik).

Or this post from 2014 where I refer to a lovely song from an ad for TBZ jewellers.

In all these examples, there is significant interest to know the details of the song used in the ad. Cadbury’s attempt to create a song out of their popular jingle was an after-thought after the song had caught on adequately. Why can’t it be planned in advance? Why not credit the composer in the jingle (Maaza has credited A R Rahman as the composer because the big name helps them!) and extend the work to also include a song converted out of the jingle as a follow-up, non-TVC phase that can add life to the same campaign in a very different way? The platforms it can play will be very different – instead of TV, it’d be on Saavn, Apple Music, Gaana, Spotify etc.!