Microsoft’s tighter integration with LinkedIn

Had a few points to add in this Economic Times story on LinkedIn India’s FY18 results. As you would have already known, I’m a big fan/believer in LinkedIn, which I believe is that rare social/professional networking platform that actually has inherent/implied rules on its content… something that a majority of its users abide by or ask others who break it to abide by. This is not to say that some people post Good Morning messages here, but by and large, that’s far lesser here compared to other channels online.

I spoke about real estate advertising on LinkedIn in the ET story. I have been seeing a lot on the timeline lately. It’s so evident – LinkedIn has a nuanced career history of its members; prime for real estate developers to target people matching prices of projects and seniority. Similarly, I have been seeing a far tighter integration between Microsoft (LinkedIn’s new owner) Word and LinkedIn. When you open your CV/Resume on Word, see how the contextual LinkedIn feature pops up and extends the data from its rich pool for us to seek inspiration. A small gateway for someone not on LinkedIn (or uses it very fleetingly) to get there and explore more, including its paid services/features.