Invasive fear-marketing by the makers of the Hindi film Pihu

If you have seen the trailer of Pihu, you’d know how despicable this marketing tactic is.

Using fear to sell products like insurance, I can understand, because the end goal is supposed to be for our benefit. But, to sell (after all) a movie with such a tactic is deeply insensitive. The film is already billed as ‘every parent’s worst nightmare’. On top of that, this horrendously misguided marketing tactic!

Here’s the trailer, just in case. Remember – you have been warned.

This post is not about the film, per se. I’m a big fan of horror films. Young-children-in-mortal-danger is a separate sub-genre in horror that strikes as particularly scary for most parents since they can relate to it viscerally. One of the earlier films from India in this genre happens to be the 1990 Malayalam film Malootty by director Bharathan, which was based on the American film, Everybody’s Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure.