Baazaar movie launch in The Economic Times and the BSE

For a movie launch, I quite liked what the team behind the Saif Ali Khan-starrer Baazaar did recently. The first reveal of the poster was not in a mainline newspaper but a business newspaper – The Economic Times.

And the offline launch was at the BSE!

Through such choices in association, I’m assuming the makers want to send the signal on what the film is about (which comes across mighty adequately in the trailer too).

The BSE launch makes for a great photo-opportunity in context – a good PR tactic well executed. I do wonder about the ad in The Economic Times, though. A Hindi commercial film has a much broader spectrum of audience than one that can be split purely based on the kind of content it supposedly has. Informing (on that day at least, when no other newspaper, I presume, had this ad) only finance-minded people (who read ET) about the film seemed narrow in terms of target, unlike the photo-opp led BSE launch that goes outside the BSE through PR.