Tata Sky announces removal of 50+ channels from its platform with an FYI advertisement

Ads by Tata Sky and TV 18 (in print – newspapers).

I do understand the background, with Jio entering the fray and deals being renegotiated etc., this is some sort of a legal compliance-related notice to readers/customers.

But my question is simple and different – what is the purpose of the ad by Tata Sky? It’s an FYI to viewers/its customers – I get that. But, what action does it want customers to take, due to the ‘failure of understanding to renew’ by them? Ant communication b a brand in mass media usually has a call-to-action, to direct people towards something. If there is none, people would presume things and do something on their own. So, what should people do after seeing this ad by Tata Sky, considering it doesn’t say what we should be doing?

Read the ad, let out a groan and feel bad that they are customers of Tata Sky?

Or, feel miserable that they may have already paid for all these channels and won’t be getting anyway?

Or, contemplate cutting the cord like so many in the world and get rid of Tata Sky from their homes?

The word I’m missing in the ad is ‘refund’. I guess nobody is getting that and Tata Sky is pushing us one step closer to cutting the cord.

Also notice – when Tata Sky has a new pack or pricing or offer, the ads are on the front page, usually involving the biggest stars of the country. When a LOT of channels are being yanked out of the platform, it’s a tiny, easily-missable text-only ad.