Did iD Fresh (makers of idly/dosa batter) patent their unique ‘transformer pouch’ package design?

I know for sure that iD Fresh Food (India) Pvt. Ltd., the makers of iD dosa/idly batter, was patenting their vada-making pack, with its unique nozzle. But, I wonder if they patented their dosa batter pack, called the ‘transformer pouch’ that helps users avoid transferring the contents into another household container and store it as-is in the fridge.

The pouch has a zip-mouth and a flat bottom that makes it convenient to use, lock and store. Did ID patent that design?

Because here is Freshtohome, another brand, selling idly/dosa batter in a pack that looks very, very similar to iD’s. The pack has a blurb that says, “Use batter straight from pack’. Know what the ID pack says? “Use batter directly from this pack”.

Hope ID can protect their turf, at least design-wise.