What’s your Augmented Reality strategy?


How long will it be before a big FMCG brand asks people to find virtual product packs floating at a busy railway station, to win them for real (sent to them via courier)?

How long will it be before WWF creates a campaign to let extinct and endangered animals live again amidst humans, but in an augmented reality layer?

How long will it be before the next big Hollywood creature film floats that creature in the augmented reality so that you may experience it in your bedroom before you do at the nearest cinema theater?

How long will it be before a global coffee chain decides to float giant coffee beans, in augmented reality, on key routes to its offline stores, in the augmented reality layer, so that you can collect coffee beans from your home to the store and collect free vouchers based on how many beans you got?

How long will it be before a global hotel giant puts in augmented reality its amazing rooms with a view at crowded locations in the city to remind you, while you are traveling in the crowd, all annoyed, to remind you of a great holiday you are missing?

How long will it be before a global B2B technology giant add augmented reality to its offline event so the event participants can gather free trials and demos based on what they collect within the event venue?

How long will it be before a sunscreen brand adds augmented shelters in beaches to remind you that you aren’t stocked adequately on their brand of sunscreen?

How long will it be before a telco brand floats augmented currencies all over the city so that you collect them and exchange them for real talk-time?

How long will it be before a smartphone brand adds augmented, branded freebies and lets only those influencers over a certain follower-base on Twitter collect them to exchange their real versions?

How long will it be before a cola giant floats in augmented reality its bottle in hot, grimy, crowded places in cities to remind you that you’re just a shop away from tasting the ‘feeling’?

How long will it be before a global mineral water brand creates augmented water bodies in concrete jungle cities to remind people that this amazing mountain water is a store away?

How long will it be before a city’s administrative board finds it easier to fix potholes and bad roads in an augmented reality layer than in the real world?

How long will it be before a global e-commerce giant uses image recognition in the augmented reality layer to literally put a price tag, description and a ‘buy now’ button to any and everything you see around you?



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