Tinkle seems to be way ahead of its times!

Got my son the latest issue of Tinkle. The 84 page comic/magazine seems to be way ahead of its times! For starters, the cover announces that it – the cover page – is an interactive jigsaw puzzle, thanks to Blippar mobile app! I wonder if Tinkle expects its target segment (kids!) to use their parents’ mobile phones (which needs Blippar app installed) to use the interactivity. If they did, I think they are bang on the target since that’s what happens in my home 🙂


There’s an inside page that explains how to install Blippar.


And another story page with Blippar-led interactivity.


That’s not all – that’s just the technology part of it. There’s a whole lot of native advertising all over the magazine! Yes, native advertising! Here’s one from Dell.


And one from Paragon footwear.


And this one from Kellogg’s Choco, Coco The Monkey, that also has a slot with Chhota Bheem on TV.



And finally, one for Camel!


You could argue – are these really native advertising? And not just ‘sponsored content’? I don’t think. Sponsored content would mean the brands advertise around the story/comic and offer it as a ‘presented by’ and the content itself may be about something the brand stands for or sells. For instance, a footwear related script, sponsored by Paragon.

In the 4 examples above, the brands have been called out by name, by one or more characters. The brand’s mascot (Coco The Monkey) is featured in one (Kellogg’s!). That’s a far tighter and integral mix than just sponsored content. So… native advertising, where the form of advertising matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. And you thought native advertising happens only online?

Interestingly, all the native advertising pages are clearly marked ‘Promotion’ in the footer. I do wonder who creates content for these pages. For true native advertising, the content is usually created by the magazine’s own writers and illustrators and going by the style of illustrations and stories, it seems like Tinkle’s own team created these, with a brand plug woven right into the stories.

Quite amazed at how far ahead Tinkle is, when other print publications are generally floundering.