The NYT-Inside Llewyn Davis full-page ad’s equivalent in India. Sorta!

While the world was going nuts over A O Scott’s tweet being used by the makers of Inside Llewyn Davis in a full-page ad in The New York Times, something on a smaller scale was happening in India.


The NYT ad cost USD 70,000 for the film’s makers, but the Indian version was free!

It happened in the Facebook page of the recently released film Dedh Ishqiya.

What happened? This.

There are obvious ways to amplify earned media content. If you get them on Twitter, you retweet it. If you get them on Facebook, you share it. What dedh Ishqiya did was a bit different – it got great mentions on Twitter and since it was from people who have a good enough following on Twitter, the page owners decided to use it appropriately packaged!

The packaging was similar to the kind of respect accorded to mainstream reviewers, plus a nice filmy twist in context – a witty, fictional response from the film’s leads.

Minor content twist, but something I thought was handled really well! It worked well with the people quoted too, since they liked it enough to tweet it (full circle?).

Dedh Ishqiya page on Facebook is one of the most interesting and engaging in recent times for a film. They do a horrendous job on Twitter, though, besides the way in which they ‘released’ the soundtrack.