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Mystery man miffed with ‘bloody paid comments’ on Urban Ladder’s Facebook post!

Yet another day. Yet another promoted post on Facebook by a brand. And yet… someone doesn’t seem to get the basics. A sponsored post from Urban Ladder landed on my timeline last night. Just the usual – another lovely looking piece of furniture… pushed up by the brand using the normal Facebook tools. The usual comments ensued – what is… Read more →

Apple iTunes and a transaction-led UX gone awry

So I blocked my credit card pointlessly today. Thanks to Apple iTunes. This is what happened! I purchased an app via iTunes for my daughter, on January 13th. The app was priced at Rs.110 and before I clicked the in-app checkout, I recall seeing the ‘buy this app at a special price now!!’ message in an excited font and color…. Read more →

Yo Yo Tinted Glass

I had no idea of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s existence till a few months ago, in mid-2012. I heard that ‘Kolaveri’ composer Anirudh was roping him for song in his new film, Ethir Neechal. I eventually reviewed that song too, for my other blog, and actually loved that song (and soundtrack) that had Anirudh, Honey Singh and Hip Hop Aadhi… Read more →