The other problem with phone text messages

meme-textLet’s say you are busy at work.¬†Your phone is in vibration mode (or normal mode, just not in silent). And you get a text message. What would you do?

I get momentarily distracted and see the damn message. If it has some call to action, I’m aware that I need to do something about it, but get back to what I was doing.

And then I forget all about it.

For some bizarre reason, Android and iOS do not have a ‘mark as unread’ option for text messages. It used to be available in my old Nokia E61i and my basic BlackBerry Curve phones. But not in my Samsung Galaxy S2 and now in my S4, or my wife’s iPhone 5.

Why not?

I have searched for apps that can do the same – nothing works as advertised.

I have searched for apps that can (also) send any text message I recieve, by default, to my mail ID so that I can at least remember it when I see it in a place that I always have open – my gmail. But it went as a read mail into a folder and got lost again.

So, the first question – why is it so difficult to find a ‘mark as unread’ option for text messages in Android and iOS while they can easily work in Symbian and BlackBerry?

Two, what are people supposed to do with text messages if they are buried as read and there is no other way but to forget about its existence? Given the number of ways one gets ‘messaged’ these days, why is there not a better way to prioritize a text message for a call-to-action given how personal and immediate it is, as a form of messaging?

Pic courtesy Quickmeme.