“anyone who violates the terms of the waiver will automatically be on the hook for $5 million in damages”

“Although the rest of the images are loaded via JavaScript, we don?t consider them to have any less semantic importance over the first image. We load in images via JavaScript so users don?t load two different resolutions of the same image. Unfortunately, because ?HTML4? browsers are not presented with JavaScript, they won?t see any images. Our editorial colleagues weren?t happy with this, so we compromised with them and agreed to add one image per page into the markup that all users would get regardless of their browser.”

The parent blog – http://responsivenews.co.uk/ – is a very good resource too!

“If I had only one short sentence to describe it, I?d say that journalism is factual reports of current events. At least, that?s what I used to say, and I think it?s what most people imagine journalism is. But reports of events have been a shrinking part of American journalism for more than 100 years, as stories have shifted from facts to interpretation. Interpretation: analysis, explanation, context, or ?in-depth? reporting. Journalists are increasingly in the business of supplying meaning and narrative. It no longer makes sense to say that the press only publishes facts.”

“In April 2013 I posed the question: has anyone ever tried to perform social network analysis on Reddit by visualising the links between different subreddits? As you can see from the discussion on that page, several other attempts have also been made at answering this question, mainly by using sidebar links to define connections between subreddits. This page is my first attempt at answering this question in a new way. I’ve produced a graph showing links between subreddits, where a link is defined as a redditor posting a link in one subreddit to another subreddit.”

“Zartis CEO John Dennehy has reported back to us to say ??I can tell you without any doubt: we?ve got a better response to the Twitter ad tonight than anything we?ve ever seen.? Given the fact that this is something of a novelty, it?s hardly surprising. But a sign of its potential as a recruitment platform? Perhaps.”