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Brands DO NOT hog social media in India

Last Sunday, Financial Express ran a piece titled ‘Brands, not celebrities, hog social media in India‘. The first two paragraphs go, In a clear departure from the global trend in which celebrities top Facebook page ?likes?, corporate brand pages dominate the social media in India. When one considers the top 50 FB pages in the country with regard to page… Read more →

Use of social media in a murder case and how it is exterminating ‘sub judice’

Heard of the Trayvon Martin case? Here’s a quick primer from Wikipedia (with some edits from my side – removed parts that are unnecessary to this post): Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old African American. George Zimmerman was a 28 year old Hispanic American. The latter was on the neighborhood watch coordinator for the gated community where Martin was… Read more →

Dummies guide to avoid arrest over a tweet

Yet another arrest, based on tweets, after last week’s imbroglio. This time, it involves a man from Puducherry who had allegedly tweeted that P Chidambaram’s son (Karti Chidambaram) had amassed more wealth than Robert Vadra. Yes, I know precisely what is going on in your mind. Haven’t we seen such tweets all over Twitter, for ages? Just replace Karti Chidambaram… Read more →

Why the cybercrime police action in Chinmayi’s case is ground-breaking

The action by cyber-crime cops in case of playback Chinmayi is indeed ground-breaking, at least in India. Globally, there are quite a few cases of this nature. The most famous one was during the London Olympics when a 17 year old tweeted something insensitive to diver Tom Daley. If you see the tweets in question here, they are not abusive… Read more →

Acer’s ad for an ad is a new high for Indian advertising!

Update – October 22, 2012: This is the TVC Acer was advertising for! __ Original post: It happened with SF Sonic car batteries earlier. Now, it’s Acer’s turn. In SF Sonic’s case, the agency behind the campaign seemed to have convinced the client to actually spend money on billboards to merely tease people with the image of Salman Khan, since… Read more →

Will this carpooling app work?

I recall seeing quite a few tweets on how Olacabs works when you use their GPS-based map service. In short, you look up the map on your GPS-enabled phone, identify an Olacabs car close to your location and click on one to book it. That’s nothing short of brilliant in a country where the details of your booked cab will… Read more →