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  • jaganm

    If you’ve ever used an Android tablet, you’ll immediately understand why the ipad has become dominant like the iphone never did. Android’s tablet OS was/is a hastily cobbled response to the ipad that took years in the making. Apple perfected the software and the supply chain such that they could price it at a lower level than the competition. That was strike 1 to the Android tablet ecosystem. 

    Secondly people use these with a specific goal, whether it be leisure or productivity and it is the software that makes it possible. That is where the Android tablets lose out even more, because no one is buying them, people don’t bother to create the apps for it and because there are no apps, people don’t buy them. It’s a vicious cycle which must make the Android makers tear their hair out.

    • Couldn’t agree more – I was definitely not doing justice comparing a tablet…with a phone.

  • Vinod

    Your theory is spot on!

  • Abhinavalok

    The killer “app” for Apple products is the UI… and the first mover (technically the first popular promoter, but what the heck!) advantage. If you are not one of those wearing Apple-Tinted Goggles, then there’s a load of solid competition visible now…