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  • NLV

    I personally don’t like the idea of multiple endings in both movies and games. It can’t work well with art. An artist can have only one vision to his potrait. Imagine what happens when a guy asks “Dude, do you still remember the climax of that xxxx movie?” and he gets “Which one of the four endings? Hero dead? Heroine dead? Villain dead? All dead?”. Not nice.

    • That’s one way to look at things and there are many way to see this evolution – imagine endings that pander to select stars of a film to appease specific stars’ fans! These need not be shown in the main, released version, but could be released online, exclusively, to build post-release hype for a film. Right now, the only post-release hype for a film is DVD/Bluray release and and after that it doesn’t have much life.

  • Vharicharan

    Might be useful in India especially when the RSS wants to introduce a chapter on Hindutva and Congress doesn’t.

  • I remember reading about a Malayalam movie starring Mammooty and Mohanlal having different climaxes in different centers depending upon the popularity of the star in that center. And here is an interactive music video that lets user to select the way story should move and also the ending –