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  • Sensible post… I agree with you on how HomeShop handled the whole issue was sensible until they decided to drag the customer’s employer… Also, I am wondering if HomeShop communicated the despatch of the order on the 12th to the customer as that seems to be unclear and not talked about by either of the parties… If the communication was, infact, sent across on the despatch, the customer has no reason to complain since he was aware of the despatch while he called to cancel the order… What is your take??

    • kshitij garg

      i have had  a very sound communication for all products from homeshop18, with them informing exactly when the dispatch happens. I agree on all points with homeshop18 except that flipkart shouldn’t have been dragged into it. They had nothing to do with it. I agree that maybe they delivered to his office, and he got so excited, guess the address was of flipkart, else homeshop18 itself wouldn’t have known. 

  • Vibha

    i think they delivered it to his office and he was just too embarrassed to receive a Homeshop18 parcel there.