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  1. Naren
    Naren at | | Reply

    They’re converting temporary criminals into lifelong criminals

    1. Karthik Srinivasan
      Karthik Srinivasan at | | Reply

       Well said – agree!

  2. mugdha
    mugdha at | | Reply

    Appreciate your taking this up.
    Was tuned into your discussion with @greatbong:twitter . Related to this was an episode of Boston Legal, where a sexual offender (marked as per US norms) was discriminated against in society (If I am recalling correct). As per any Reel Drama, that too ended in an acceptable end. But it clearly showed, such ‘markings’ even after rehabs, affect an erstwhile criminal’s life.
    I hope basis you and some other thoughtful people, this point is taken to Court to defend and safeguard those children’s future.

  3. Juzer Mohammedhusain
    Juzer Mohammedhusain at | | Reply

    My response is a query regarding a hypothetical situation, which goes like this. I am not asking for answers, but for those who read it, to think in multiple terms.
    Imagine a person rapes a minor.
    The rapist is a philanthropist who manages to provide decent livelihood to 100 families, and otherwise has publicly and privately had a sterling character, till the rape happened.
    How should the rapist be judged and punished, is the question?

  4. Vernon
    Vernon at | | Reply

    Well, trial by press is an old game, the playground has changed now, so I must pat the backs of the London police for doing what they did. I live in London so these articles should be read with some perspective, keeping in mind what actually happened here during the riots. What happened during the riots was a group of people standing up and saying UP YOURS to any form of law or decency. Innocent people suffered for nothing. The rioters did this because the laws in the UK are so criminal friendly that most of them will walk away with just a rap on the wrist. They used social media heavily to assemble armies of rioters everywhere. So thats why the carnage began to spread from one city to the other. This naming and shaming will teach these rioters a lesson and will be a strong deterrent – this is what was the need of the hour at the moment and I am glad it was done. Criminals, rioters etc are getting bolder and bolder by the day in the UK and a strong deterrent is required. 

    Parents who are worried about what something like this would do to their childrens’ futures should spend more time with their kids and guiding them how to become better citizens. Many parents encouraged their kids to riot that day.

    Hiding this under a carpet will do nothing for society, yes bring it out in the open – society is in urgent need of some radical steps to sort out issues like this! Unfortunately there will be some mistakes when such radical steps are implemented and that is the price society will have to bear. For example almost every Indian or Pakistani person with a rucksack is looked upon as a potential terrorist and sometimes stopped and checked. It is embarrassing and disgusting, but it also results in actual terrorists being caught and saving so many lives. So every radical step will have pros and cons but we should judge these steps on their results. 

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