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Raisina Hill’s #stopthisshame protest and the evolving nature of real-time reporting

When every single English news channel had stationed itself to cover the Raisina Hill protest earlier today, one channel seemed to be bearing the brunt for the kind of coverage it offered. Yes, there were sporadic complaints against all channels on Twitter – many said that Times NOW and Headlines Today tried to sensationalize things out of proportion to win TRPs, but specific comments against one particular channel… Read more →

Times Group bridges the offline and online with Alive

Back in March 2010, I had blogged about a trend that was just catching on, at that time. The last sentence went, I suppose what we do with the power of interactivity is more important than adding interactivity in the first place, like this Ford Figo ad demonstrates. The Times Group seems to have learnt this well. Today’s The Times… Read more →

SEC’s notice to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings over a Facebook post!

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Facebook update on December 6th, Thursday is interesting! He says, SEC staff questions a Facebook post. Fascinating social media story. We use blogging and social media, including Facebook, to communicate effectively with the public and our members. In June we posted on our blog that our members were enjoying ?nearly a billion hours per month? of… Read more →

Cleartrip Vs. Buzz PR

In an interesting turn of events, Cleartrip fired their PR agency. Routine affair? Of course, but they also fired the agency publicly, on their blog! What happened? Why? How? Here is Cleartrip’s own blog post. Now, I’m a HUGE fan of Cleartrip from multiple perspectives and I have also written about them in the past in glowing terms. This incidence,… Read more →

Facebook’s ‘blackmail’ aka ‘bait and switch’

Jason Falls recently did a post around Facebook starting to charge brands to increase reach… with their own fan base. He asked if this was ‘blackmail‘. Richard Metzger, in his post on the same topic in Dangerous Minds asks if this is the ‘biggest bait and switch in history‘! A comment in Jason’s post seems to take this on a… Read more →

A Facebook-only publication?

When printing was invented, someone eventually found a way to also invent a ‘magazine’, a periodically printed set of papers that had frequently updated content, sold and hand-delivered. Same thing happened with radio. Once the technology was invented, someone did find a way to create a commercial radio station. Television – same thing. All three – magazines, commercial radio station… Read more →