I have been a user of Amul butter and cheese ever since I remember. Who isn’t, in India, really? When Britannia launched its range of butter and cheese, I started trying them for sheer want of new options and then alternated between the two.

For example, the cheese spreads from Amul, in my opinion, seem to retain its thick, viscous nature even after storing it in the refrigerator, while Britannia’s cheese spread range freezes to a mildly annoying state. In terms of butter, Amul remains a personal favorite, though the seemingly extra salty Britannia butter is like a good break, from time to time.

But, at the shop/retail outlet, what literally determines my purchase is the date of packaging and expiry – I have consistently observed (at least in Bangalore) that Britannia has newer (as in more latest date of package) than Amul, which usually has a 2-3 month old product. That’s not a major issue, I do understand, but after seeing the dates, I tend to purchase those with dates closer to current date.

Bangalore stores always have other, international options – like Kraft and more exotic, expensive versions of cheese. And I was surprised that besides fringe players like Vijay (which I assume first innovated a tube-based cheese spread), there are no major national players in the butter and cheese market in India.

In recent times, I started noticing a new brand called Go, from Gowardhan. I did not bother much about trying Go, and only tentatively bought the Tom & Jerry branded cheese squeeze tube, because my son pestered me to (he had seen the TVCs in Pogo!). I have been trying various Go products after that purchase and I confess that I’m pleasantly surprised.

The quality isn’t dramatically different from usual Amul and Britannia equivalents, but they do seem to have a lot more options in terms of flavors and variants. For instance, the cheese wedges also has a multi-flavor pack that has 4 flavored cheese wedges, 2 of each, in the same pack! Small things, I know – but they help!

What impressed me most is something even more – seemingly – insignificant. The folks behind Go actually thought that they should make it easy for us (users) to unwrap the packs! So, they bothered to include a red ribbon like thingy in the cheese packs.

So, you see this red ribbon like thingy on the side of the circular cheese box and even in each of the cheese wedge packs!

When I bought the cheese wedges first, my wife berated me for buying unknown brands, but I persisted and got them anyway. When we planned to make chilli cheese toast, she started opening the cheese blocks (plain, salted ones) and I started opening the round cheese box. She was talking to me as she started opening it and was saying she hates the cheese cube foil opening part…since it involved getting cheese pieces in her nails and the foil becomes unmanageable after a point if it is stuck close to the cheese. Then she noticed the red band and pulled it and voilà…the foil just unwrapped itself!

I had similar luck with the circular cheese wedges box and individual cheese wedges too! We both exchanged a highly surprised and pleased look!

Of course, such small additions have always existed for such product categories outside India, but this is perhaps the first time an Indian brand thought it is appropriate and useful for Indians as well.

I like brands that treat me with such respect! Go for Go!