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  • Love their packaging!  Finally a brand that thinks the details matter..

  • ever tried Go’s mozzarella cheese: it’s one messy business. It comes in form of spread and nearly impossible to grate even after keeping it in freezer for 15 minutes. 

    • Oh? Haven’t had a reason to buy mozzarella cheese yet, but will try. Also, how do other mozzarella cheese brands (like Amul and Britannia) compare with Go?

      Also wondering – why would you grate something that comes in a ‘spread’ form?

      • Yes. GO’s “normal” cheese and ghee are very good but their Mozzarella is actually bad. It is not in the form of a spread. It comes in cubes but the cubes are really soft. So when you try to grate them, you end up squashing the cubes into small cheese lumps! And GO’s Pizza cheese, when cooked, doesnt get that “stringy” either which is a let down.IMO Amul’s is the best Pizza cheese available. You can stretch and “string” them when you eat your Pizza. Amul cheese is cheaper and better than both Britannia and GO. So no reason at all to move away from Amul.