Remember the Chalet Girl using tight Facebook integration in their trailer? No?

Read more on it, here – Facebook â??Likeâ?? goes live inside a video!

Now, here’s a Twitter-integrated trailer. The film is the Liam Neeson starrer, The Grey. The film was recently premiered in the annual event, Butt-Numb-A-Thon (or BNAT, owned by the movie website, Ain’t it Cool News) and after the response to the film, its director, Joe Carnahan decided to cut a special trailer out of the one out on the net already, but this time, with reviews from BNAT.

Adding review quotes in a trailer is not new, but the reason why The Grey’s Twitter trailer looks interesting is because of its inclusion of Twitter handles and hashtags!

Take a look!

This is actually identical to the original trailer that did not come with the hashtags and Twitter handles. This,

The Twitter’ish additions include,

But, after all that Twitter-love, the film’s trailer has this!

Strange that all those hashtags were not supported by the film’s page on Twitter and instead they chose to list the film’s Facebook’s page! But, considering how fast those reviews, handles and hashtags move in the trailer (you can pause them online, of course, but you can’t click on them, like it happened in the Chalet Girl trailer), I wonder what the point of this exercise is. It seems no different from a normal inclusion of preview reactions even without the Twitter handles. In fact, known names from the media could perhaps help drive more interest in the film, as much as addition of well-known Twitter users.