I was on a Twitter detox for the last 7 odd days and had logged myself out of Twitter across the myriad devices I used to be connected to Twitter. I logged into Twitter on Thursday night and found that, for some strange reason, I had a superbly intuitive in-line conversation view on Twitter web. All I do is click on the tweet and instead of opening it in a right hand side panel, the conversation just flows below the tweet. There’s a ‘close’ button to close the conversation view. This view even loads media files (like photos), again, in-line.

This is nothing new, of course – Hootsuite has something like this in its web client, but getting this within Twitter web is a wonderful update!

This…is what I mean!

Since I was away from Twitter for a week, I assumed that this new view news would have been discussed to death and ignored it. But, when I tweeted a thankful note about this view, I found that nobody else seems to have this view! I tried all possible permutations and combinations to isolate a reason why this is happening – tried different browsers, checked all my Firefox extensions, checked my other, music-centric Twitter profile…everything. This view happens only on this account, but across browsers and PCs!

I searched online and there’s not even a passing mention of this new conversation view from Twitter. I love this update from Twitter, but wonder why I got this in the first place. And wonder if there’s anyone else in this planet (or in Pandora) who also has this view!