You know how men…grown up men…go weak in their knees when they enter a stationery shop? Something similar happens to women (and men interested in all things-cooking-and-kitchen) when they enter a kitchen accessories store. Specially, there’s something magically alluring about kitchen storage containers. You know, those small, medium and big sized ones in plastic…with air-tight, screw type-lids or the Tupperware kind.

Something like that happened to my wife last evening as she stared at a 3-in-1 plastic container from a brand called Maroon. This is how it looks.

Looks standard, huh? And if you’re wondering why the heck I’m writing about an otherwise uninteresting kitchen container…persist!

Wife usually complains about one thing in such containers – if you fill it with say, sugar, and it comes with a plastic spoon too, you can’t really push the spoon smoothly in a fully-filled container and still close it smoothly. That’s usually a design flaw despite the good intention of giving a free spoon.

What this ‘Maroon’ brand seems to have done is to think literally ‘out of the box’! They have spent enough time and brains (or seen better global models to seek inspiration from) to solve this otherwise simplistic problem that nations won’t go to war for. This is what they’ve done!

Regardless of how insignificant this may seem, I loved the way this brand solved the problem. They have made a provision to keep the spoon inside the container, but hanging above the contents of the container. So, they had to make an extra provision just below the rim and also make a spoon just that size to fit inside the container…and they’ve done it beautifully!

Not just that, the spoons also come with a serrated edge on one side that seems to be helpful in tearing plastic packs, so that you could open them without needing a pair of scissors.

I’m repeatedly reminded, inside my mind, about how insignificant this product design may seem, but can’t help wonder how innovative this is at the same time…enough to blog about it!