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  • Open magazine has a series of articles that take obvious and subtle digs on team Anna and its campaign. If Open magazine had a point of view, it could have had a piece with its direct criticism, but instead the publication is merely taking a stand.  My respect for it has reduced significantly after this incident. Joins the ranks of The Hindu in being a well written publication with strong bias, in my book.

  • tejas

    In fact, the Anna chapter goes on to show how well you can manage PR campaigns with meticulous planning without really needing a monstrous budget for it. If the right cues are taken from it, we can have an election system that won’t be as big a burden on the nation’s back as it is now.

    At one point in the entire movement, Anna could have stood for the PMship (assuming we had a presidential election system) and won. He at that point could have pulled a Sonia Gandhi (not exactly) and let Arvind Kejriwal take the seat.

    Open has terribly reduced their standards of reporting from the time they did the Radia-gate to now. From Rajeev Masand’s gossip columns, to Hartosh Bal’s entirely biased reporting, the truth is not open any more. They took a stance in the Anna movement against the cause, fair enough. But they have not entirely been able to convey their points behind the stance. They now look like pseudo-intellects who laugh at each and every step the middle class takes.

    • tejas

      And here’s someone else echoing my thoughts -

  • Mugdha

    Very well written and sorted post. Really appreciate your point-of-view on the critics. People/Publications who were deemed unbiased till now, have surprisingly taken a stand during recent events. And sadly a very unconvincing one. When things goes beyond an intelligent person’s speculation he goes all haywire finding non-existent explanations to cover it up.
    That is my take on various takes around.

    The earliest reference to ‘spin’, dates to Dwapar yug, in Kaliya Mardan, where Lord Krishna used it to kill Kaliya Nag. It was positive indeed.