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  • nupurmaskara

    just what I was thinking! It’s too much trouble to update circle wise. So much simpler to just divide them in have my attention and have not my attention 😛

  • Indeed, Twitter seems the most binary of all networks. You’re right, one of the reasons why I’m not compelled to use Google Plus is because it gives me the headache of identifying the right networks to share with and figuring out whether my content is share-able with a particular circle or not.

  • This is a good post and is very informative. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  • No you do not. Its an interesting insight. Save for a very few people who are interested in everything yu do, most people would ‘follow’ you for certain specific areas. I am certainly not interested for example, on what you feed your daughter (no offence). While scrolling thru the item – specially in twitter does not have a high cost of time associated, its still not negligible.

    Tagging content helps to a certain extent but rarely works in practice due to the extra work. I am not sure if there’s a solution. But what do you feel about a market for such a thing. Multiple niche channels for specific topics – from the sources that you choose… Thoughts?

    • Good thought, but tough. There’s a reason why magazines have specific sections so that people could choose to go straight to what they like, segregated helpfully. I doubt if people/individuals can be like that. A tool/algorithm to do that based on what people post? Perhaps.