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  • Music-based social networks already exist. People have mobiles (with data plans) to access them. Just plug the mobile in the car and we have exactly what you describe. What am I missing? If you’re talking about tight integration with the car music system, Pandora ( and a few companies have done it in the West. India is still light years away from the West (we still don’t have frikking iTunes) and I don’t think we’re getting streamed music on our car device any time soon. Piracy is probably your best bet. 🙂

    • What do people tune into? Other mobile phones? How? Can many people tune into one thing at the same time, like a radio?

  • i replied on twitter also, but you’re basically talking about an iTrip with a more powerful antenna…

    • Not so sure. Griffin’s product talks about streaming your own music (on your iPod) wirelessly to your car audio. I’m talking about streaming my iPod music to many other car drivers in the city!

      • they talk about it that way because a) it’s illegal to broadcast in the FM radio frequency beyond a particular power level in the USA (and i’m sure in India too) and b) the antenna of the iTrip is necessarily reduced in power and transmission capability because of a).

        • found this too: google ‘hacking itrip’ and you get :

        • Which is why I was wondering if there could be an internet-enabled radio-style network that people could create, beam or tune into, from their cars. I’m sure services like MOG or Spotify may be planning this soon.

          • i am thinking the licensing restrictions would be monstrously expensive if ever it comes into existence. no major music distribution company on earth would think of allowing people to share digital music (at least not in the future) – and anything that is powered by the independent music scene alone will be highly unlikely to be successful.

  • Your idea sounds like “Ham Radio” equipped in every car.. That is costly!! Instead streaming your playlists through your mobile networks is viable and already in existence.

  • Great Article!!!! it is really appreciative. Thank you so much for sharing !!

  • Which is why I was apprehensive if there could be an internet-enabled
    radio-style arrangement that bodies could create, axle or tune into,
    from their cars.