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  • Krish Ashok

    Won’t work. Too easy for every company to make fraudulent reports against every competitor, thereby rendering the whole thing meaningless.

    It’s not so much the participative reporting (well, any decent investigative agency will be able to identify the top 100 offenders rather easily even now) but the actual fines themselves that matter. Perhaps the “Chris Rock” strategy will work. Make the fine ridiculously high, like a few crores perhaps.

  • Ravi

    This would not be feasible. Remember Television is non intrusive and you decide to keep it on or off and to actually watch an ad or not. Telephone is not like that, you may receive a call at uncomfortable times and the system of caps, plans, fines & reporting, that you are suggesting is way too complex and people will find enough loopholes and also it requires an enormous effort on the subscriber to report a violation.

    The best solution to spamming is regulation on telemarketing calls, regulation of service providers, exemplary punishment of offenders and subscriber awareness.

    • You’re right! I suppose implementing existing rules is a good enough to start to get rid of this menace!

  • Dave

    Not sure if we are going to see the end of telemarketing, from the looks of it the process is getting more popular.